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Announcement of the launch of the Information Technology Grant Programme


IBF Foundation is pleased to announce today that it has begun publicising its grant programme toprovide information technology support to organisations working with thevisually impaired. 

The purpose of this grantprogramme is to support organisations' projects to purchase IT tools andcommunication devices in order to support visually impaired people.  

In April last year, at thestart of the spread of COVID-19, IBF Foundation supported seven organisationsthrough its “IBF Foundation Urgent Support Grant Programme”.Some purchased online teaching equipment for the visually impaired while anotherinstalled radio antennas to bring information to the areas where the visuallyimpaired live. 

Once again, IBF Foundation hasset up a fund to overcome the barriers people with a visual impairment face byusing IT.   

The organizationseligible to participate in the call for project proposals includes:   

All applicants must be related in some way tothe area of visual impairments.   

Pleasebe aware that projects from organizations which were not beneficiaries of the“IBF Foundation Urgent Support Grant Programme” will have priority during theselection process.   

Thegrant program is open for applications until November 8th, 2021 at 12:00 p.m.Japan time (JST/GMT+9). If you are interested in applying, please check out theinformation page below.     

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