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Grants for Urgent Support Grant Programme under COVID-19 Epidemic Situation Determined

At the meeting of the IBF Foundation Board of Directors, held on May 15th, 2020, grants were approved for 7 projects under Urgent Support Grant Program under COVID-19 Epidemic Situation.


The purpose of this grant programme is to support organizations’ projects to purchase IT tools and communication devices in order to support visually impaired people who are affected by the spread of the virus.


The grant program was open for applications from April 25th to May 9th. We received 30 applications from 22 countries and regions.


The selection committee was made up of three IBF Foundation members. Criteria for selecting the programmes were purpose, target and feasibilities. The selectors input evaluation points of three criteria and arranged in order to the points. The quality of the required documents is also considered. However, very limited number of organizations could arrange all the documents.

Because 5 programmes highly placed on lists of all three selectors, the committee selected them first. Subsequently, remained programmes which exceeded a reference value became part of the discussion, and 2 programmes were selected based on urgency and the potential impact to the local society.


Grant List is as follows

  • FADeC (Argentina)
  • Jujeña Association of blind athletes “Los Linces” (Argentina)
  • Ethiopian National Association of the Blind
  • Hong Kong Blind Union
  • Mongolian National Federation of the Blind
  • Nepal Association of the Blind
  • Zimbabwe National League of the Blind


Each grant will receive 2000 US$. The project must start after May 17th 2020 and be finalized before October 30th 2020.Final financial report must be submitted 1 month following the completion of the project.Add paragraph text here.

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