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IBF foundation now accepting applications for Let's Play 2! Grant programme



Inorder to support organizations working in blind football all around the worldand others that would like to initiate blind football programmes, the IBF Foundation has released a grant programme under the name “IBF Foundation Let’s Play2! Grant Programme”.   

IBF Foundation will donateballs, non-official eyemasks and IBSA-approved eyemasks to organizations whoseproposals are accepted, at no cost of buying or shipping to them. Projects focusing on youth development (male and female, under 23) and women’s blind football are particularly welcome.    

IBF Foundation ran the Let’sPlay! programme for the first time in January this year, providing blind footballkits to 32 organisations around the world. Through playing, visually impaired people can also connect with their peers and experience personal growth. This means that the possibilities for people with a visual impairment are expanding. Weare convinced this leads to the realization of our organization's vision.   

  • Thefollowing types of organisations are eligible to participate in this call forproject proposals:    

Blind football     teams/clubs; 

  • Schools for blind people; 
  • Organizations of and for     visually impaired people; 
  • National Blind Sports     Federations (NFs); 
  • National Paralympic     Committees (NPCs); 
  • National Football     Associations; 
  • Non-Governmental Organizations     (NGOs).   
  • Thistime, organisations that were provided with equipment for the first Let's Play!programme cannot request the same type of equipment.   

IBFFoundation is also pleased to announce that a third programme – Let’s Play 3! –will be launched in the coming months. Information regarding eligibility and timelines will be released as and when it becomes available.   

Thecall for project proposals for Let’s Play 2! is open until Monday November 8th,2021 at 9 am (JST). During this period the IBF Foundation team will be available to answer questions related to the grant and your application.   

Ifyou are interested in applying for a Let’s Play 2! grant please check out theinformation page below. 

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