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Information Technology Grant Programme Executive summary final report

The IBF Foundation Information Technology Grant Programme aimed to provide organizations working in the field of visual impairment with financial resources to resolve difficulties related to IT equipment. Grants could be invested in IT equipment/supplies, communication devices and usage of services.

IBF Foundation received 11 applications from 8 different countries. Nine projects from seven countries in three continents were selected for funding. Six of the organisations were first-time beneficiaries of IBF Foundation support. The total amount donated was 14 644.98US Dollars.

Beneficiaries’ testimonies 

“Thanks to IBF Foundation, I can learn and access information and this motivates me to think I can enjoy a better future. I also really look forward to teaching others.”, Iris Ondina Márquez, Honduran Association of People with Deafblindness.

“When students with visual impairments were missing their online classes due to lack of mobile devices and internet connection, IBF Foundation support for NAWB enabled these students to attend their classes regularly.”, Nepal Association
for the Welfare of the Blind.

“I thank the International Blind Football Foundation for supporting our organization with ICT equipment. …I have been able to acquire a laptop that I am now using to do lots of work that is computer related. I am a student at Makerere University pursuing a degree in education and I am in my final year. The device I have acquired will help me in finalizing my internship report and dedication that I would not personally do on my own because I didn’t have a computer to use […] I can now attend on-line lectures without sharing or going to a friend’s place, do my research and studying over the internet.”, Masisa Fred, Uganda Blind Sports Association.


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