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Let’s Play! Grant Programme Final report


IBF Foundation is pleased to announce the completion of our grant program, Let’s Play! which was open for applicationsfrom January 25th to February 15th 2021. Last May, we were approved for 32 applications in 25 different countries, covering the 5 continents. The total donated equipment was 445 balls, 88 official eyeshades and 580 non-official eyeshades. 

As a result of equipment delivery, we were able to meet the demand and contribute to the promotion of blind football on several levels; for newcomers, beginners, intermediate and international levels.   

A final report on the programme has recently been compiled following the collection of the six-month progress reports required of beneficiaries. 

The table of contents is as follows.   


1. Let’s Play! programme structure 

 1-1. Programme outline 

 1-2. Beneficiaries and equipment donated   

2. Programme outcomes 

 2-1. What we achieved  

 2-2. Lessons learnt

   2-3. Experiences and connections to improve future grant programmes

3. The voices of beneficiaries 

 3-1. Nepal Association of the Blind (NAB) 

 3-2. Bhutan Paralympic Committee 

 3-3. Indian Blind Football Federation 

 3-4. United States Association of BlindAthletes (USABA) 

 3-5. Uganda Blind Sports Association (UBSA) 

 3-6. Club Municipalidad de Córdoba  


IBF Foundation believe that these new bonds we have made will continue to be a great help in realizing our vision.   

For details, please download the data from the following URL.


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