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Let’s Play: IBF Foundation donates kits to 32 organizations around the world to help kick off new blind football programs

“The International Blind Football Foundation Let’s Play! Grant Programme” aims to provide organizations involved in blind football or wishing to start practicing it with the equipment they need to play the sport. Projects focusing on youth development (male and female, under 23) and women’s blind football are particularly welcome. Through playing, visually impaired people can also connect with their peers and experience personal growth. This means that the possibilities for the visually impaired are expanding.

The grant program was open for applications from January 25th to February 15th. We received 57 applications. At the meeting of the IBF Foundation Board of Directors, grants were approved for 32 applications. The enthusiasm for the starter kits was much greater than we expected, therefore we decided to donate them to more organizations than originally planned.

The selection committee was made up of four IBF Foundation members. Criteria for selecting were details of information, organizational capability, the feasibility of the project, beneficiaries (players) and the current situation regarding blind football development. The organizations that have applied include National Blind Sports Federations (NFs), National Paralympic Committees (NPCs), NGOs, teams and schools for the visually impaired.

Upon their request, we will donate balls, non-official eyemasks and IBSA-approved eyemasks to organizations, at no cost of buying and shipping to them. The equipment has been purchased and it will be delivered in the coming weeks.

Grant List is as follows:

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