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Nicaragua and El Salvador to play Neighbouring Countries Challenge Series games on October 9

The fifth round of the IBF Foundation Blind Football Neighbouring Countries Challenge Series (NCCS), supported by Santen, will be held in Central America. El Salvador will visit Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, for two matches on 9 October. These matches will be played on a synthetic grass pitch located in Luis Alfonse Velasquez Flores Park. 

The first match is scheduled to kick off at 8.30am local time and the second at 10.30am. Live streaming will be available on the Deporte Mundialista Facebook page.

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, the games will be conducted under a number of rules. Players are required to wear masks when not playing.

NCCS has so far been carried out in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, although implementation has not been easy due to changes in the infection situation and entry conditions.

The goals of the IBF Foundation Blind Football Neighbouring Countries Challenge Series, supported by Santen grant programme, are:

- to help reactivate blind football worldwide as we move towards a new reality following the global pandemic caused by COVID-19;

- to assist countries to overcome the financial difficulties they may face in returning to international competition;

- to present a positive image of our sport to the world and demonstrate that blind football, with proper health, hygiene and safety protocols and procedures in place, can offer a safe, virus-free environment for visually impaired athletes.

Grants of up to 10,000 US Dollars were available for projects involving air transportation, while projects involving travel by land were eligible for a grant of up to 5,000 US Dollars.

For more information on the International Blind Football Foundation or the Neighbouring Countries Challenge Series please contact

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