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Nigeria and Ghana to play Neighbouring Countries Challenge Series games on July 9-10.


Under its Neighbouring Countries Challenge Series(NCCS), the IBF Foundation agreed to fund eight friendly international seriesof games in February and with support from the Santen grant programme. The first NCCS matches were played in May when Russia and Iran met despite the global public health situation.   

Now comes the turn of Nigeria and Ghana, who will meeton July 9th and 10th. One of the key features of this event is that the men'sand women's national teams of both countries will be competing against each other. The venue is Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium in Enugu, Nigeria, and the matches will start at 10am (local time) on both days.   

The organizer, Bina Foundation Nigeria, shall strictly observe Nigeria National Centre for Disease Control protocols starting from the port of entry to social and physical distancing and the compulsory use of face masks and hand sanitizers at all times.   

In addition, the organizers are arranging live on-linestreaming, with the link to be announced on the Bina Foundation Facebook page( The games will also be covered bylocal online and print media.


The goals of the IBF Foundation Blind FootballNeighbouring Countries Challenge Series, supported by Santen grant programme,are:   

- to help reactivate blind football globally as wemove towards a new reality following the global pandemic caused by COVID 19;   

- to assist countries to overcome the financialdifficulties they may face in returning to international competition;   

- to present a positive image of our sport to theworld and demonstrate that blind football, with proper health, hygiene andsafety protocols and procedures in place, can offer a safe, virus-free environment for visually impaired athletes.   

Grants of up to 10,000 US Dollars were available forprojects involving air transportation, while projects involving travel by landwere eligible for a grant of up to 5,000 US Dollars. 

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