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Urgent Support Grant Programme

Final report of our first grant programme

Our first grant program helped visually impaired people in 6 countries and regions in the midst of the pandemic

IBF Foundation is pleased to announce the completion of our first grant program, ‘Urgent Support Grant Program under COVID-19 Epidemic Situation’, which opened to the world in April 2020.

We received 30 applications from 22 countries and regions and, after reviewing the applications based on our criteria, we decided last May to provide funding to the following 7 organizations:

  •  Zimbabwe National League of the Blind
  •  Nepal Association of the Blind
  •  Mongolian National Federation of the Blind
  •  Hong Kong Blind Union
  •  Ethiopian National Association of the Blind
  •  FADeC (Argentina)
  •  Jujeña Association of blind athletes ‘Los Linces’ (Argentina)

From May until October, the US$ 2,000 grants were invested in each project by each of these organizations. Although the needs of each organization are different, they have been able to overcome the very difficult situation for the visually impaired caused by COVID-19. In some projects, our grant was able to help visually impaired people all over the country, while in others our grant was used to help athletes who experienced difficulty training and communicating.

IBF Foundation believe that these new bonds we have made will continue to be a great help in realizing our vision.

For details, please download the data from the following URL.
Final Report of USGPUC19


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