• Information Technology Grant Programme

    Application deadline: Monday November 8th, 2021 at 12:00 am (JST/GMT +9)

  • Information and call for project proposals

    1. The IBF Foundation Information Technology Grant Programme

    In order to support organizations working with visually impaired people, the International Blind Football Foundation (IBF Foundation) has released a grant programme under the name “Information Technology Grant Programme”.

    The IBF Foundation Information Technology Grant Programme aims to provide organizations working in visual impairment with financial resources to resolve difficulties related to IT equipment.


    Please be aware that all proposals will be reviewed and evaluated. We can only review complete project proposals that are received by the deadline and that are in line with the conditions outlined in these guidelines.



    1. Eligibility of organizations and project proposals

    The eligibility of organizations to participate in the call for project proposals includes:

    • National Federations (NFs)
    • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
    • Non-Profit Organizations

    All applicants must work in the area of visual impairment.

    Please be aware that projects from organization which were not beneficiaries of the “IBF Foundation Urgent Support Grant Programme” will have priority during the selection process.



    1. Focus Areas

    The focus area is: IT Equipment and communication tools/devices/services. Key factors to be reviewed are:

    1. Who the beneficiaries are.
    2. What the problem is.
    3. How the equipment and tools will resolve the difficulties.
    4. Expected outcomes.


    • IT Equipment and communication tools/devices/services:

    The aim of this focus area is to help organizations to improve and increase their organisational, communicational and productive capacity in order to provide enhanced support to blind and partially sighted people.


    By accessing the grant, organizations should be able to purchase or otherwise acquire equipment or services which will be used for the organization’s activities and for the benefit of visually impaired people.


    1. Financial conditions and payment procedures

    The total maximum budget allocated for each grantee is 2,000 US Dollars.

    The funding granted will be transferred to the grantees in two separate instalments, contingent upon meeting certain conditions:







    50 per cent

    Contract signed

    Upon receipt of the signed grant agreement, IBF Foundation

    shall transfer 50 per cent of the grant to the grantees.


    50 per cent

    Upon receipt of the final reports, including the financial report.

    Reports must be submitted within 1 month after the conclusion of the project.


    The final report and financial report must be submitted 1 month following the completion of the project. Both reports must be completed in English and using the formats that IBF Foundation will provide to the beneficiaries. The previously mentioned reports must include a detailed list of the items on which the funding was spent. A copy of all invoices, tickets and/or receipts must be included in the report.

    The grant may be invested in:

    • IT equipment/supplies;
    • communication devices;
    • usage of the services


    V. Information Technology Grant Programme - timelines

    The call for project proposals will be open from October 26th 2021 at 20:00 (JST/GMT +9) until November 8th 2021 at 12:00 (JST/GMT +9). During the call for project proposals period, the IBF Foundation team will be available to answer your questions related to the submission process and required documentation.

    All applicants will be informed of the results of their application by email no later than November 29th 2021. The project must start after November 30th 2021 and be finalised before February 28th 2022.



    1.  Review and selection process

    The review of the submitted projects will be undertaken by IBF Foundation. To be considered for funding, proposals must meet the project proposal criteria. Project proposals with missing documentation will not be eligible and will not be reviewed.


    1. Document Checklist

    Make sure you provide all the documents below when submitting your project proposal.

    If any of the necessary documents are missing after the deadline, the project proposal will not be accepted.

    • Information Technology Grant Programme Application form fully completed in Word format;
    • List of items to purchase;
    • CV of project leader and of the person producing the financial report if different;
    • Outline of your organization or annual report (optional but highly recommended);
    • Annual budget (optional but highly recommended);
    • Video/Photo release form.
    1. Submission of project proposals

    Please make sure your complete project proposal reaches us before November 8th 2021 at 12:00 JST (GMT +9:00) via email to:


    Subject line of the email with your project proposal: Application for Information Technology Grant Programme (name of your organization).

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