• Our Vision

    "BEYOND" with Blind Football


    Blind Football has a power to change the society. IBF Foundation tackle with the three "Disabilities" with the power of Blind Football.

  • What We Do

    We tackle with THREE "Disabilities" by THREE way. Here is how;

    Supporting Others; Supporting other organisations, such as Blind Football National Federations, International Blind Sports Federation, and NPO/NGOs which tackle with “Disabilities”. / Collaborating  With Partners; Collaborating with other organisations, who have strong connections in developing countries, JBFA, who has been solving social problem with Blind football, and IBSA, who organises blind football in the world.  / Own Business; As own business, trying to solve the problems related to the “Disabilities” by  being a information hub, showing a model case of employment of people with disabilities, educating people on the understanding disabilities.

    IBSA Women's Blind Football Camp and Games 2019

    Developing the Women's blind football is one of the most important programmes for IBSA. IBF Foundation supports the development of women's blind football and encourage to improve their physical capability and social status.

  • Our People

    Hisako KANEKO


    Toshiaki HASEGAWA


    Jeff DAVIS


    Yasuhiro IMAI



    Representative Director

    Eita OTSUBO

    Director / Secretary General

    Tadahiro HAYAKAWA


    Mariano TRAVAGLINO


    Yuko HAKODA


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