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IBF Foundation has signed off a partnership agreement with Japan Blind Football Association

The logo of IBF Foundation

IBF Foundation has agreed with Japan Blind Football Association (JBFA) to sigh off on a partnership agreement on 1st February 2019. IBF Foundation and JBFA cooperate each other in order to achieve respective visions.

We tackle with "Impairment", "Disability" and "Handicap" by the ways of intermediate programmes, collaborative activities and own business. We co-host "IBSA Women's training camp supported by Tanaka Holdings" held in Tokyo last February as our first activity after our establishment.

[Summary of the organisation]

  • Name of the organisation: 
    • International Blind Football Foundation (IBF Foundation)
  • Date of establishment: 
    • 11th January 2019
  • Councillors: 
    • Mr. Shiro Shiojima (President of Japan Blind Football Association)
    • Mr. Toshiaki Hasegawa (T.HASEGAWA & CO., LAW OFFICES)
    • Mr. Jeff Davis (The Football Association / Member of IBSA Football Committee)
  • Directors: 
    • Representative Director Mr. Eigo Matsuzaki (Managing Director of JBFA / Director of International Blind Sports Federation)
    • Director / Secretary General Mr. Eita Otsubo
    • Director Mr. Tadahiro Hayakawa
  • Auditor:
    •  Mr. Yasuhiro Imai
  • Office Address:
    •  Pairs Building 3rd Floor, Hyakunincho 2-21-27, Shinjuku, Tokyo, JAPAN
  • Website 


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