Our Challenge

What could we achieve if we spread awareness to more people, and solved issues surrounding visual impairment together?

When we first encountered blind football we were overwhelmed by the energy. Both the visually impaired and those who are fully sighted stand together on the pitch. Relying on the sound of the ball, they run with speed and agility, calling out and aiding each other. They create amazing plays that make spectators jump to their feet. This is when we realised that blind football was a truly inclusive and fair sport. It brings out the best in every athlete, whether they be visually impaired or not.

But the daily lives of people living with a visual impairment are starkly different. The streets are not designed for them to move freely and safely. Employment is limited due to stereotypes placed upon them. There are few opportunities to meet people and foster essential relationships.

It is through blind football that we realised the obstacles do not lie with the visually impaired. Rather, they exist within a society that has been unable to foster their full potential. What could we achieve if we spread awareness to more people, and solved these issues together?

This is why we will join forces with sports federations, organisations of and for the visually impaired, and other stakeholders. Together, we will create a better competitive environment for blind football, and promote the sport around the world. We will also connect people from all walks of life, including sports, medicine, and business, creating a global movement that is passionate about enacting change for people living with visual impairment.

We want to create a world in which everyone can act freely. A world in which everyone can choose the work that they desire. A world in which everyone can truly be part of society. We will work tirelessly to achieve a world in which everyone can live their life to the fullest.

Our Mission

We bring together diverse people and knowledge by mobilising the power of blind football to create answers for challenges surrounding visual impairment.

Our Vision

An inclusive world in which everyone can live their lives to the fullest on the field.

Join our movement. Join our movement.

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    We welcome donations from both individuals and organisations. The funds will assist blind football tournaments as well as create innovative solutions for visual impairment.

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    We provide blind football equipment and funds to organisations that support those living with visual impairment.

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