Through our work with blind football, we realised the obstacles faced by the visually impaired lie not with the individuals, but within a society that has failed to foster their full potential. The streets are not designed for them to move freely and safely. Employment is limited due to stereotypes placed upon them. There are few opportunities to meet people and develop essential relationships.

What could we achieve if we spread awareness to more people and solved these issues together?

Impairment Decrease the number of visually impaired people.
Examples of actions: Improvement of the medical system, statistical surveys to determine the number and status of visually impaired people in each country/region, establishment of an information database on visual impairment, etc.
Disability Improve the capabilities of visually impaired people.
Examples of actions: Utilising sports such as blind football, creating spaces for visually impaired people to come together through sports, planning workshops and training to remove communication barriers between those who can see and those who cannot, etc.
Handicap Eliminate discrimination surrounding visual impairment.
Examples of actions: Disseminating information through media, increasing the number of collaborators through partnerships and donations, collaborating with other organisations to raise awareness of diversity, etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What credit cards can be accepted?
We support five brands: VISA, Master, JCB, Diners and American Express.
Q. Are there any payment methods other than credit card payment?
Yes. We also accept payment by bank transfer.
Q. Can you issue a receipt for my donation?
Yes, we will issue one. After receiving a "request for receipt issuance" via the contact form, we will send you a PDF file as an email attachment or by post upon your request. Please note that the receipt will be addressed to the name you provide when you make your donation.
Q. Why is there a "Give Monthly" option?
Continued support will help us stabilise our operations and provide support to more countries, regions and organisations. Our ability to go out into the field and provide assistance to solve problems in partnership with other organisations will also be supported by your continued support.
Q. Can I choose how my donation will be used?
At this time we only accept donations that support the overall activities of our organisation. However, once we have a procedure in place, we hope to begin a system of specified donations.
Q. Can I receive a tax deduction for my donation?
Our current legal entity is a general incorporated foundation so donations are not deductible. However, we are considering changing our corporate status and strengthening our organisational and operational structure for this purpose.
A Message from our Founder

Spreading the “fairness” and “inclusion” embodied by blind football to the world.

I believe that we have not yet realised a society in which people with disabilities can demonstrate their full potential. Lobbying and legal reforms are one way to achieve this. However, simply changing the system will not change people's minds, and without widespread support our society cannot truly move forward. This is where I believe blind football can contribute. I am convinced that blind football will shift hearts and minds and instigate lasting change. We also work with like-minded people all over the world who share our purpose. We will continue to expand our movement and create a brighter future by combining our strengths.

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