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[CLOSED] The IBF Foundation Blind Football Neighbouring Countries Challenge Series, supported by Santen grant programme

Application Period : Saturday January 2nd, 2021 @ 12:00 (JST/GMT +9)
  • About the Grant Programme

    In order to support the organizations which work with blind football all around the world and as a way to re-start playing international blind football matches after the issues caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, the International Blind Football Foundation (IBF Foundation) has released a grant programme under the name “IBF Foundation Blind Football Neighbouring Countries Challenge Series, supported by Santen”.

    The “IBF Foundation Blind Football Neighbouring Countries Challenge Series, supported by Santen” aims to provide organizations involved in blind football with financial support to organize friendly international matches with neighbouring countries.

    IBF Foundation is proud to open the call for proposals for the “IBF Foundation Blind Football Neighbouring Countries Challenge Series, supported by Santen”.

    Please be aware that all project proposals will be reviewed and rated. We can only review complete project proposals that are received by the project proposal deadlines and that are in line with the conditions outlined in these guidelines.

  • Eligibility of Organisations and Project Proposals

    The eligibility of organizations to participate in the call for project proposals includes National Federations (NFs) and National Paralympic Committees (NPCs), which should be the organizers of the national blind football team of their countries.

  • Focus Areas

    The focus area is organizing friendly international blind football matches involving neighbouring countries.

    Key Performance factors to be reviewed are:

    1. Health situation in the involved countries.
    2. Health protocol to be used.
    3. Previous experience with blind football of the countries involved in the matches.
    4. Expected results.

    1. Friendly international blind football matches:
    The goals of this project are:
    - to help reactivate blind football globally as we move towards the new reality of the post-coronavirus world;
    - to assist countries to overcome the financial difficulties they may face in returning to international competition;
    - to present a positive image of blind football to the world and demonstrate that blind football, with proper health and safety protocols and procedures in place, can offer a safe, virus-free environment for visually impaired athletes.

    Applications must be submitted by two organizations which should belong to adjacent countries and, in case to need transportation by plane, the flight from one country to the other must last less than five hours.

    By receiving the grant, the organizations should be able to organize and play 2 friendly international matches in one of the organizations´ countries.

    The matches must be played by the Blind Football national teams of both organizations.

    The period to perform the activity (travelling, arriving, playing the 2 matches and departure) must not take more than four days.

    Streaming/broadcasting of the matches should be organized by the beneficiaries of the grant. In case of not being able to organize live streaming, a full match video of the games must be sent by the beneficiaries of the Grant to IBF Foundation no later than the day after the matches. IBF Foundation shall organize an official website to show the matches.

    Organizations are allowed to apply for the grant only once.

    A detailed budget and a description of how the matches will be organised must be sent by the organizations.

    A strict health protocol against COVID-19 must be respected during the event.

  • Equipment

    As a minimum requirement, the following list must be respected:

    1. All participants must complete and sign the COVID-19 Prevention Checklist no later than 24 hours before the kick-off of the first game. The host country shall keep the checklists and IBB Foundation may ask for them to be made available.

    2. There must be 3 separate zones:
    ・Group one (staff, players, referees): players and staff on bench must wear face coverings (masks);
    ・Group two (journalists & medical staff): must wear masks at all times;
    ・Group three (spectators): must wear mask and cannot be in contact with group one or two.

    1. Individual and identified water bottles.
    2. No handshaking at pre-match line-up.
    3. Where feasible or required by current legislation, every player, goalkeeper and staff member must present the result of a negative test for COVID-19. The test should be performed no earlier than 2 days before the event.
    4. Every player, goalkeeper and staff will have their temperature tested every day during the event. The temperature must not be higher than 37.5°.
    5. No tours or other leisure or tourist activities should be organized.
    6. No parties or indoor ceremonies should be organized
    7. Matches should preferably be played outdoors.
    8. This health protocol may be updated and is subject to modification at any time.

  • Financial Requirements

    The total budget allocated to each grantee shall vary, depending on whether air travel is required or not. The maximum amount granted to a project which includes flight transportation will be 10 000 USD. The maximum amount granted to a project which does not include flight transportation will be 5 000 USD. The funding granted will be transferred to the grantee (the country hosting the matches) in two different installments, contingent upon certain conditions:

    First Installment
    - Amount: 70 percent
    - Milestone: Contract signed
    - Conditions: Upon receipt of the signed grant agreement, IBF Foundation shall transfer 70 per cent of the grant to the beneficiary.

    Second Installment
    - Amount: 30 percent
    - Milestone: Upon receipt of the project’s final narrative and financial reports.
    - Conditions: Reports must be submitted 1 month following the conclusion of the project.

    The final financial report must be submitted within 1 month following the conclusion of the project. The previously mentioned report must include a detailed list of the items on which the money was spent. A copy of every bill, ticket and/or receipt must be included in the report.

    The following are eligible expenses:

    - Transportation
    - Accommodation
    - MeaIs
    - Health protocols
    - Organization of the match

  • Deadline for Submission

    The first call for project proposals is open from Tuesday November 10th, 2020 @ 12:00 (JST/GMT +9) until Saturday January 2nd, 2021 @ 12:00 (JST/GMT +9). During this period the International Blind Football Foundation team will be available to answer questions related to the submission process and required documentation.

    Successful applicants will be informed of the results of the selection process no later than Friday January 15th, 2021 @ 12:00 (JST/GMT +9). The project must be finalised by November 30th, 2021.

    A second call for proposals may be launched in 2021 depending on the quantity and quality of proposals received during the first call and the availability of funds.

  • Review and Selection Process

    The review of the submitted projects will be undertaken by IBF Foundation. To be considered for funding, proposals must be submitted on the official application form and be in line with the project proposal criteria. Project proposals with missing documentation will not be eligible and will not be reviewed. A maximum of 8 projects will be selected for funding.

  • Document Checklist

    Make sure you provide all documents below when submitting your project proposal. If any of the mandatory documents are missing after the deadline, the project proposal will not be considered. - The IBF Foundation Blind Football Neighbouring Countries Challenge Series, supported by Santen grant programme application form fully completed; - CV of project leader and of the person producing the financial report, if different; - Outline of your organization or annual report (optional but highly recommended).

  • Submission of Project Proposals

    Please make sure your complete project proposal reaches us before Saturday January 2nd, 2021 @ 12:00 (JST/GMT +9) via email to:

    Title the email with your project proposal: Application for The IBF Foundation Blind Football Neighbouring Countries Challenge Series, supported by Santen grant programme (name of both organizations).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the eligibility requirements for the grant programmes?
Each programme has different requirements, so please check the application guidelines. In general, we accept applications from companies and organisations, and do not accept applications from individuals.
Q. What kind of projects are eligible?
Projects that are eligible to apply differ from programme to programme, so please check the application guidelines.

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