with Blind Football

    "Disability" has three definitions;


    Disability, and


    Blind Football has a power to change the society.

    IBF Foundation tackle with the three "Disabilities" with the power of Blind Football.


    Welcome to International Blind Football Foundation-IBF Foundation.

    We are delighted to start this journey together.

    We strongly believe sure that, with the power of Blind Football, we will help to change the society.


    Our Representative Director, Mr Eigo Matsuzaki, invites all of you to join us in this beautiful activity.

    Don't miss the opportunity of improving our world!

    As the first achievement, broadcasting, financial support and sponsorship activations at IBSA Football Asian Championships 2019 IBF Foundation sent staff to IBSA Blind Football Asian Championships 2019, Pattaya, Thailand, last September, and it was the first time for IBF Foundation to have the...
    A sponsorship agreement for IBSA Blind Football Asian Championships 2019 (“Asian Championships 2019”) has been concluded between three parties: Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Santen” headquartered in Osaka, represented by Chairman and CEO Akira Kurokawa,), the International Blind Football...
    IBF Foundation has agreed with Japan Blind Football Association (JBFA) to sigh off on a partnership agreement on 1st February 2019. IBF Foundation and JBFA cooperate each other in order to achieve respective visions. We tackle with "Impairment", "Disability" and "Handicap" by the ways of...
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