Let’s Play 6! – IBF Foundation donates starter kits to 10 organizations

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The IBF Foundation Let’s Play 6! grant programme aims to provide organizations involved in blind football or wishing to start practicing it with the equipment they need to play the sport. The Let’s Play 6! grant program, open for applications from December 7th, 2022, to December 31st, 2022, drew 30 applications from 24 different countries, and at a meeting of the IBF Foundation Board of Directors grants were approved for 10 applications. In total, 145 balls, 10 official eyeshades and 150 non-official eyeshades will be offered worldwide this time.

The selection committee was made up of IBF Foundation members and the selection criteria were the purpose and target of the project and the organizational capability of the entity applying for support. Upon their request, IBF Foundation will donate balls, non-official eye masks and IBSA-approved eye masks to organizations at no cost to them for purchasing or shipping.

The sixth edition of the Let’s Play program was characterised by a very wide range of applications received from Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Europe and, moreover, ranging from highly populated countries to small island countries. The process of narrowing down the list of 30 applications was carefully discussed.

Through playing, visually impaired people can also connect with their peers and experience personal growth. This means that the possibilities for the visually impaired are expanding.

We are pleased to announce the list of recipients:

1. Asociación de Ciegos Libertad Fútbol Club, Argentina.

2. Austrian disability sports association – KG-blind, Austria.

3. National Society of the Blind, Barbados.

4. Libre Vue, France / Mali.

5. Kerala Blind Football Federation, India.

6. Football Club “KAIRAT”, Kazakhstan.

7. Cricket Association of the Blind, Nepal.

8. National Paralympic Association of Peru, Peru.

9. Sport Club Conimbricense, Portugal.

10. School for Blind, Rwanda.

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